Upkeeping The Gardens

Gardens are a way to connect with Nature, they offer peace of mind, relaxation and inspiration. This year’s March saw the implementation of an extensive plan for the restoration and regenation of the Museum Gardens, funded by the Friends of the Capodistrias Museum: extensive pruning, restoring damaged flowerbeds, removing dead foliage, planting new plants have contributed to a fresh look! The Gardens await us all as we partake in the life of this unique institution which combines the beauty of Corfu’s nature with Europe’s historical heritage. 


Museum Online Lecture Series

As a contribution to the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution, the Friends organised a mini series of podcasts by renown academics from around the world in english. These podcasts, which centre around the legacy, network and ideas of Ioannis Capodistrias in relation to the 1821 Greek Revolution are available through the Museum’s website. 


Support The Gardens

The campaign, established by the Society of Friends of the Museum, aims at contributing towards covering the cost of a full-time gardener throughout the summer months as well as any relative costs: machinery rental, new plants. Our ultimate goal is to support the Museum’s candidature for the European Garden Heritage Network.


Museum Short Guide

The Friends funded the publication of a short guide to the Museum’s
permanent collection, available in three languages, on sale through the museum shop.


Educational Loan Box

The Friends supervised and funded the production of a loan box with
material for school students. The material contained in the box aims to recreate the environment of
an archive, encouraging students to pose questions and work as historians. Also available in
english and french.


The Garage Project

The Friends funded the preliminary work needed for the submission of a
request for funding through the European Leader program. This project aims to transform the old
garage building into a centre for educational activities.

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