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About the Friends of the Museum

The “Friends of the Capodistrias Museum” is a non-profit association aiming to provide social and material support to the Capodistrias Museum so that it can achieve its goals more effectively. The Friends seek to assist the Capodistrias Museum in achieving its goals as a cultural foundation situated at the european periphery. They also make efforts to provide financial assistance to the Museum’s activities in order for it to operate as a state-of-the-art museum and as a research center regarding the Capodistrian era.

Our vision is driven by a genuine desire to promote the double goal of the Capodistrias Mu-seum: to become a biographical museum that has an international story to tell as well as preserving a natural sanctuary which embodies the magic of Corfu’s flora.

The museum faces a great challenge: as an institution that receives no state funding, it re-lies on getting its message across to the widest possible audience. The Friends Association supports the museum’s management at all levels – planning, raising awareness, funding- in order to assist in the realisation of its goals.

This is a fascinating journey: our concept of what a museum should provide, its relation to the local community, its engagement with educators of all sorts, its communication strate-gies, are all undergoing great change. Tourism is also undergoing change under growing pressure regarding the goals of sustainable tourism: new products, tailored to smaller groups, bespoke activities are more in demand than ever before.

We aim to put our expertise, our dedication, our passion for History and the Environment in the service of a small museum, “broadcasting” from the periphery of Greece. Join us!

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The Capodistrias Museum

Being a Friend of the Capodistrias Museum means that I can contribute to bring about the successful implementation of the Museum’s goals, knowing that I am supporting a small, peripheral museum in Corfu, with a great vision. The Museum is the only one dedicated to the life and legacy of Ioannis Capodistrias, the illustrious European diplomat and politician, whose career has been associated with the efforts to bring peace to post-Napoleonic Europe and the founding of the Greek state. It is housed in Koukouritsa, a traditional country house belonging to the Capodistrias family, surrounded by a beautiful garden, offering lovely views towards the sea, across to Epirus and Corfu town.

(Elected June 2020 for three years)

The Friends of THe Capodistrias Museum

Eleni Stambogli

Eleni Stambogli studied Medieval and Byzantine History at London University (BA, MA). In 1996 she founded Kaleidoscope Publications (www.kaleidoscope.gr) focusing on high quality childrens' book and educational material for teachers. She is a member of the Governing Board of the Research Centre for the Humanities and a member of the scientific committee for the Capodistrias Digital Archive and the 1821 Digital Archive projects. Since 2017 she has served as president of The Friends of the Capodistrias Museum.

Dr Ada Dialla

Dr Ada Dialla is Associate Professor of European History at the Department of Theory and History of Art, School of Fine Arts (Athens). Apart from teaching at the undergraduate level, she teaches at the Postgraduate Studies Program “Fine Arts” of the Department of Fine Arts (ASFA) and at the Postgraduate Studies Program of the Department of Theory and History of Arts (ASFA). She is a member of the Scientific and Editorial Board of the interdisciplinary journal Historein: A Review of the Past and Other Stories, www.historeinonline.org. She is a founding member and a member of the Governing Board of the Research Center for the Humanities (RCH). She is vice president of The Friends of the Capodistrias Museum.

Rosadenia Karamoutsou

Rosadenia Karamoutsou was born in Corfu in 1968. She is a French-Greek citizen of Greek origin. She studied translation at the Ionian university and the University of Stras-bourg and did her Master's degree at the University Francois Rabelais in Tours. She served as honorary Consul of France in Corfu for 12 years. She currently works as co-director of Ecole Apollinaire, a private language school in Corfu. In 2020 she was elected Secretary of the Friends of the Capodistrias Museum Association.

Alexandra Korakianiti

Alexandra Korakianiti was born in Athens in 1962. She studied Business Administration and Economics at the American School of Athens (Deree College) and received a master’s de-gree in European Studies and Politics at Reading University, England. She worked for the European Commission in Brussels for several years. She moved to Athens and worked as an assistant to Members of the European Parliament. At present, she is the President of the board of her family business established in 1955. She is serving her second term as the Friends’ Treasurer.

Dr Ioulia Pentazou

Dr Ioulia Pentazou is an associate Professor (Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly). She has participated in many research projects concerning the teaching of history in digital environments, the visualization of the past and the representation of urban history in digital applications and technology such as the Capodistrias Digital Archive. She is a member of the Governing Body of The Friends of the Capodistrias Museum.